Saying THANKS to our Alden Heroes

Each year, May 6-12 is a special time to elevate and celebrate the nursing profession.  This year, however, it feels especially important.  This is an opportunity to express our profound gratitude and appreciation for everything that ALL of our Alden Heroes, including nurses, are doing to help patients, residents, families, and communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

At the Alden Network, we have been overwhelmed by the life-saving commitment of our staff, to help protect and care for our residents, patients, and for each other.   Our Alden network of heroes includes more than 5000 people, including certified nursing assistants (CNAs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), registered nurses (RNs), and also includes our housekeepers, dietary and nutrition staff, activities professionals, therapists, unit coordinators, and many, many more.

During this time, we have a LOT of people to thank! 

Leading the way to good health

Our Alden employees have a long-standing commitment to caring for patients and residents, and have made an indelible positive difference across our communities. As we overcome this particular crisis, their tireless dedication and ingenuity will help us as we begin to focus once again primarily on good health and wellness, in addition to treating and preventing the spread of illness.

Thank an Alden Hero

If you would like to thank an employee within the Alden Network, please consider sharing your gratitude with us. Complete our Online Thank You Form and we will honor your Alden Hero by publishing your note of thanks.